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Corporate blogging is something most businesses do nowadays. Just have a look at several websites in various sectors; the chances are very likely that each one of them has a ‘blog’, ‘insights’ or ‘news’ section on their website. Content creation – and in this case blogging – has helped companies tell their story, show their expertise, rank higher in search engines and generate qualitative leads.

I think we’ve even come to a point where we can confirm that content strategies’ results are more effective than most other kinds of strategies – if executed and followed up correctly. It’s not just American or international companies who are doing it. Companies all over the world are implementing content strategies and investing time into creating powerful and useful content. Everything that’s necessary to get closer to potential and existing customers, and build relationships with them.

But in what language should you be blogging? If your company is located in Europe, your clients probably speak another language than English natively. Yet somehow, the internet is full of English written content, from companies all over Europe.

Looking like an international company is never a bad thing

As soon as a company goes international, English becomes the primary language spoken within the communication of that company. If you’re one of those companies, providing your audience with English content is not ‘just an option’, it’s a necessity.

Even if your business isn’t going international, it potentially might in the future. By blogging in English, you already take the first subtle step in that direction. And even if you don’t have such desires, it’ll just help you build a good relationship with your clients. It shows how you’re connected to the world and up to date about all the things that happen in your sector or niche worldwide.

Of course, you can provide your blog with other languages as well, but it always comes down to having that one language the whole world speaks and understands.

People are more likely to associate your company with a good company culture and professionalism

When your business blogs in English – and preferably in a consistent way – you show your target audience that you care what they think about your company, no matter what their first language is.

This open-minded way of thinking can be one of those driving forces that make people choose for your company. Suppose you’re in a sector where most of your competitor’s blog in the native language of the country you’re living in, you might be that one company that makes the difference. You’ll be able to get close to the clients who care about this open-minded and international attitude.